PT Series

PT Panel Industries: Aerospace, Industrial, Automotive, and HVAC
Uses: Supply-side, air intake paint booth filtration

The PT filter has a multi-density, tackified front layer with a ¼" tackified air-exiting layer and internal metal frame. Designed for general pre-filter and air intake applications. With high efficiency and dust-holding capacity, the PT makes an excellent pre-filter for higher efficiency systems or for upgrading existing systems. The PT replaces 2" standard filters such as pleated panels and fiberglass.

  • MERV 7
  • Initial Resistance: .387” W.G. @ 492 FPM
  • Final Resistance: 1” W.G. @ 492 FPM

(ASHRAE 52.2 test results)

Applications include:

  •  HVAC
  •  Pre-filter for paint booths

Available in panels, links, pads, two-pocket bags and cubes. Also available in 3 ply.