ME Series: ME, ME4, ME/PT

ME-4 Panel Industries: Aerospace, Industrial, Automotive, and HVAC
Uses: Air intake, dry paint overspray collection

ME is a universal media used for both air intake systems as well as overspray collection for dry or powder paints. ME air filtration media is manufactured with multi-layered polyester and tackifier. With high efficiency and dust-holding capacity, the ME makes an excellent pre-filter for higher efficiency systems, or for upgrading existing systems. ME media has exceptional results when used for dry and powder paint overspray collection. ME is often combined with other medias to create industry specific filters. The ME/PT is used for Aerospace applications and ME4 for air intake in all industries.

  • Efficiency Rating: MERV 8
  • Dust-Holding Capacity: 262 grams
  • Initial Resistance: .087” W.G. @ 100 FPM
  • Final Resistance: 1” W.G. @ 100 FPM

(Test results based on ASHRAE 52.76)

Applications include:

  • Aerospace 2nd stage filter (panels)
  • Industrial powder paint
  • Overspray collection
  • HVAC particulate problems

Available in pads, blankets, rolls, and 2 pocket bags or cubes.
ME - All industries, air intake and exhaust: pads, rolls, and panels
ME/PT - Aerospace, exhaust: 2nd stage, panels
ME4 - All industries, air intake: panels